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June 25, 2018
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
FullEventLogView 1.28 event log viewer for Windows 10/8/7/Vista System +
MiTeC EXE Explorer 1.6.1 executable File Explorer File Managers  
PicPick 5.0.0 all-in-one design tools Image Editing  
PointerStick 3.13 virtual pointer stick Desktop Enhancements +
SMPlayer 18.6.0 media player with support for Youtube Video Players +
Sushi Browser 0.19.0 next generation web browser that has been made to specialize in multi panel functions Browsers +

June 24, 2018
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
CopyMe 8.8.6 backup program Backup  
EMDB 3.17 small utility to keep track of your DVD collection Media Management  
Gene Runner 6.5.50 Engineer Your DNA Science +
GPXSee 5.14 GPX viewer and analyzer Hobbies +
iSpy powerful and useful surveillance software Security & Encryption +
QuickSetDNS 1.22 allows you to easily change the DNS servers Network  
ThisIsMyFile 2.44 file unlocker Misc. Utilities +

June 23, 2018
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Alternate Pic View 2.600 picture viewer and manipulator Image Editing  
ClassicDesktopClock 1.13 desktop clock with different themes and customization Desktop Enhancements  
EagleGet download manager (Adware!) Download Managers  
LibreOffice 6.0.5 power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite Applications +
mrViewer 4.1.9 video player Video Players +
OSForensics 6.0.1000 allows you to identify suspicious files and activity with hash matching, drive signature comparisons, e-mails, memory and binary data System +
QuickTextPaste 4.24 paste predefined text via keyboard shortcut Misc. Utilities +
Tagstoo 1.10.2 tag files and folders Media Management +
Text Editor Pro 4.0.1 text editor Text Editors & Tools +
WinDataReflector 2.1.1 fast file synchronization and backup with visual comparison Backup +
WinUAE 4.0.0 Amiga emulator Nostalgia! +

June 22, 2018
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Atom 1.28.0 a hackable text editor Text Editors & Tools +
DNSDataView 1.55 GUI alternative to the NSLookup Network  
EMDB 3.16 small utility to keep track of your DVD collection Media Management  
Euler Math Toolbox 2018-06-21 powerful math program combining numerical and symbolic tools Mathematics +
ExifTool 11.03 read, write and edit meta information Misc. Utilities  
HelpNDoc 5.8.2 help authoring tool producing CHM, HTML, PDF, Word, ePub, Kindle documentation Software Tools & Editors  
MeinPlatz 5.25 easy and fast way to scan for lost disk space Disk Tools +
PhonerLite 2.64 specialised version of Phoner for VoIP/SIP only Communications  
R 3.5.1 pr language and environment for statistical computing and graphics Mathematics +
USBDLM 5.3.7 USB Drive Letter Manager Misc. Utilities +

June 21, 2018
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Free Audio Video Pack 2.18 collection of portable audio and video converters Video +
MiTeC Network Scanner 5.1.0 Network detection tool Network +
MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.28.0 task manager replacement System +
ScanFS file locator and disk cataloging utility File Searching  
SimplexNumerica integrated environment for data analysis and visualization Mathematics +
TagScanner 6.0.29 multifunction program for organizing and managing your music collection Music Management  
VidCoder 3.15 DVD/Blu-ray ripping Video +
WizFile 2.02 Find files on your hard drive - FAST! File Searching  

June 20, 2018
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Bandizip 6.14 lightweight, fast, and free archiving software File Compression +
ClipAngel 1.54 Clipboard capture and paste tool Clipboard  
Commander4j 5.56 SSCC Barcode Label Printing Applications +
CSVFileView 2.40 CSV file viewer/converter Text Editors & Tools +
FileOptimizer 12.90 file size optimizer Optimizers & Diagnostics +
Free MOV to AVI Converter 1.12 conversion from MOV and QT to AVI or MPEG Video +
Q-Dir 7.07 file manager File Managers +
SciTE 4.1.0 source code editor Text Editors & Tools  
SysGauge 5.0.12 system and performance monitoring utility System +
Text Editor Pro 4.0.0 text editor Text Editors & Tools +

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