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January 11, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Artweaver Free 6.0.10 program for creative painting Image Editing  
Directory Monitor real-time monitoring of file modifications, deletions, renames, new files and file access as they occur Misc. Utilities +
DNSQuerySniffer 1.73 network sniffer utility that shows the DNS queries sent on your system Network +
Everything locate files and folders by name instantly File Searching +
FET 5.37.5 timetabling software for automatically scheduling the timetable of a school, high-school or university Miscellaneous  
foobar2000 1.4.2 beta 2 media player Video Players  
mrViewer 4.4.0 video player Video Players +
PhonerLite 2.70 specialised version of Phoner for VoIP/SIP only Communications  
SciTE 4.1.3 source code editor Text Editors & Tools  
SoundVolumeView 1.85 displays general information and current volume level for all active sound components Audio Utilities & Plug-Ins +
VLC media player 3.0.6 cross-platform media player and streaming server Video Players +

January 10, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
AutoHideMouseCursor 2.71 automatically hide the mouse cursor with an adjustable timer Desktop Enhancements +
Clipboard Master 4.8.1 smart clipboard extension Clipboard  
Crystal Security cloud-based system that detects and removes malicious programs (malware) from your computer Security  
Free Firewall 2.1.0 identify threats, protect privacy Firewall +
Karen's Replicator 3.7.2 automatically backup files, directories, even entire drives! Backup  
KeePass 2.41 password safe Security & Encryption  
LiveTcpUdpWatch 1.12 displays all TCP/UDP activity on your system Network +
PC Info hardware configuration Optimizers & Diagnostics +
ProcessKO 4.57 kill a running or hanging process / program Misc. Utilities +

January 9, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
AppCompatibilityView 1.01 displays the list of all programs that run with different compatibility settings System +
Core Temp 1.12.1 CPU temperature (Adware) Optimizers & Diagnostics +
Executor 0.99.30b Windows run replacement and launcher Launchers +
ExifTool 11.24 read, write and edit meta information Misc. Utilities  
Find.Same.Images.OK 1.45 find the same or similar images and to search for rotated (mirrored) or negative images File Searching +
Freehand Painter 0.95 Sketch and Paint your Ideas Digitally Image Editing  
MiTeC Interbase Query 8.4.0 a must-have tool for every Interbase/Firebird administrator or developer Databases & Networks  
MiTeC JSON Viewer 1.2.1 full featured JSON Viewer Text Editors & Tools  
MiTeC SQLite Query 3.0.0 tool for SQLite3 databases administration and data manipulation Databases & Networks  
MiTeC System Information X 3.2.0 full-featured system information about your system System +
MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.60.0 task manager replacement System +
MiTeC Weather Agent 3.1.0 weather forecast gadget Miscellaneous  
MiTeC XML Viewer 5.6.1 full featured XML Viewer Tools & Editors +
My Family Tree genealogy product Genealogy +
Notepad3 fast and light-weight Scintilla-based text editor with syntax highlighting Text Editors & Tools +
Phoner 3.21 application enables voice connections to landline, cellular network and VoIP Communications  
PhonerLite 2.69 specialised version of Phoner for VoIP/SIP only Communications  
ScreenToGif 2.15.2 allows you to record a selected area of your screen and save as a animated gif Screen Capture  
Windows File Analyzer 2.7.1 forensic file analysis System  
WinSCP 5.13.7 FTP, SFTP and SCP client FTP  
Wireshark 2.4.12 and 2.6.6 network protocol analyzer Network +

January 8, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
AK PDF Editor 1.1.6947.19588 tool to merge, rearrange, rotate, delete, compress PDF files PDF  
EdgeCookiesView 1.11 display cookies from new versions of MS-Edge Internet Tools & Utilities  
Simple Solver 5.4.9 Boolean minimizer, Logic Schematic drawing, Logic simulation, Automatic logic design, Permutations, and Random numbers Mathematics  
TheAeroClock 4.77 desktop clock with alpha transparency Desktop Enhancements +
WSCC Windows System Control Center System +

January 7, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
ClipAngel 1.69 Clipboard capture and paste tool Clipboard  
DBeaver 5.3.2 universal SQL client Databases & Networks +
Don't Sleep 5.01 don't allow your PC to restart or turn off Misc. Utilities +
Executor 0.99.29b Windows run replacement and launcher Launchers +
TaskSchedulerView 1.46 view Task Scheduler of Windows System +
Text Editor Pro 6.1.0 text editor Text Editors & Tools +

January 6, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Alternate FTP 2.410 FTP client FTP  
cPicture 3.8.1 digital image viewer Image Editing +
LicenseCrawler 2.1.2295 discover application product keys and other serial numbers or licenses (Nagware!) System  
Music Collection album management software Music Management  
PortScan 1.72 scan and identify network devices Network  
QuickViewer 1.1.3 image viewer Image Editing +
SimplexNumerica integrated environment for data analysis and visualization Mathematics +

January 5, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Boom 1.0.35 audio player Players  
CDex 2.13 audio CD ripper (Adware!) Rippers & Encoders  
EMDB 3.31 small utility to keep track of your DVD collection Media Management  
GPU Caps Viewer graphics card information utility Optimizers & Diagnostics  
MKVToolNix 30.1.0 set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files Video +
PingInfoView 1.82 ping multiple host names and IP addresses Network  
Praat 6.0.46 analyze, synthesize, and manipulate speech Language +
Run-Command 3.21 alternative to the standard Windows Run-Dialog Misc. Utilities +
SABnzbd 2.3.7 RC 1 free and easy binary newsreader (Adware) Newsreaders +
TweakPower 1.040 all-in-one suite that has been designed to keep you and all your family's computers running at optimal speed and efficiency System +

January 4, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Calibre 3.37.0 organize, manage and convert e-books Authoring Tools +
CopyMe 8.8.10 backup program Backup  
cPicture 3.8 digital image viewer Image Editing +
foobar2000 1.4.2 beta 1 media player Video Players  
GEDCOM Validator tool for checking a GEDCOM file with the GEDCOM specification Genealogy +
Memtest86 8.1 memory failure detection Optimizers & Diagnostics  
mrViewer 4.3.9 video player Video Players +
My Family Tree genealogy product Genealogy +
PointerStick 3.41 virtual pointer stick Desktop Enhancements +
simplewall 2.3.13 simple tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform Network +
WhoisThisDomain 2.38 information about a registered domain Internet Tools & Utilities  
Windows Firewall Control managing Windows Firewall is now easier than ever Firewall  
XMedia Recode audio/video converter Video  

January 3, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Bandizip 6.20 lightweight, fast, and free archiving software File Compression +
DirPrintOK 3.03 print and save directory contents and / or directory structures Misc. Utilities +
EventLogChannelsView 1.19 View, Disable, Enable Event Log Channels System +
Executor 0.99.28b Windows run replacement and launcher Launchers +
GPXSee 7.1 GPX viewer and analyzer Hobbies +
Info-Base 8.4 personal informations manager Personal Info Managers  
KeePass 1.37 password safe Security & Encryption  
musikcube 0.60.1 terminal-based music player Players  
Resource Hacker 5.1.7 view, modify, add, delete and extract resources in 32/64bit Windows executables Software Tools & Editors  
Supercopier file copy utility with advanced features File Managers +
Ultracopier Ultracopier is modern version of Supercopier File Managers +

January 2, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
4ur-Windows-8-Mouse-Balls 2.45 8 or more balls follows the mouse on your windows desktop Desktop Enhancements +
Exportizer 7.0.8 database export tool Database Management  
Notepad++ 7.6.2 text/source editor Text Editors & Tools +
Patch My PC keep your PC up to date with the latest software Misc. Utilities  
PeStudio 8.87 static investigation of 32-bit and 64-bit executable Misc. Utilities  
Praat 6.0.45 analyze, synthesize, and manipulate speech Language +
WinScan2PDF 4.67 save the scanned documents into PDF Misc. Utilities  
WPanorama 12.0.1 panorama image viewer Image Editing  

January 1, 2019
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
CopyMe 8.8.9 backup program Backup  
CopyQ 3.7.2 Clipboard manager with advanced features Clipboard  
GPU Caps Viewer graphics card information utility Optimizers & Diagnostics  
musikcube 0.60.0 terminal-based music player Players  
TagSpaces 3.0.1 organize your files File Managers +
TekWiFi 1.5.0 WiFi connection and diagnostic tool Network  

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