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December 15, 2018
Title and Description Category
ActivePresenter 7.5.2
Crystal Security
DesktopSnowOK 3.71
Don't Sleep 4.94
Highlight 3.48
PureSync Personal 4.7.3
simplewall 2.3.11
Sonic Visualiser 3.2
Freeware Updates
Clonepad is a simple open source text editor, licensed under the GNU General Public License v.3.0. The program includes all the basic features for simple and quick file viewing and processing: Fonts and Format; Settings (stores its own settings in a settings.ini file, without affecting the registry); Memory; Keyboard Shortcuts; Fix Cursor Flickering; ...
Native 64-bit freeware

December 14, 2018
Title and Description Category
AutoPowerOptionsOK 1.11
CCleaner 5.51
ExifTool 11.22
IrfanView 4.52
mrViewer 4.3.6
Run-Command 3.15
Speedy Painter 3.6.1
Streams Remover 1.0
XMedia Recode
Freeware Updates
Origin Viewer
The Origin Viewer is a freely distributed, standalone application that allows viewing and copying of information contained in Origin project files and Origin window files, on computers that do not have Origin installed. This updated Viewer supports Origin's newest OPJU project file and window file (OGGU, OGWU, OGMU) formats, as well as the older OPJ and OGG, OGW, and OGM file formats. The Viewer does not require installation and it is quickly mastered, making it an ideal way to share your Origin data with colleagues who may not be Origin users.
Native 64-bit freeware

December 13, 2018
Title and Description Category
Blank And Secure 5.05
CherryPlayer 2.5.1
FileActivityWatch 1.20
FocusWriter 1.7.0
FreeFileSync 10.7
Notepad++ 7.6.1
PotPlayer 1.7.16291
Resonic Player 0.9.2 beta
Smart Mix Player 1.52
Tagstoo 1.12.6
TheAeroClock 4.75
WinSCP 5.13.6
Wireshark 2.9.0
Freeware Updates
FocusWriter is a simple, distraction-free writing environment. It utilizes a hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of the screen, allowing the program to have a familiar look and feel to it while still getting out of the way so that you can immerse yourself in your work. Features: TXT, basic RTF, and basic ODT file support; Timers and alarms; Daily goals; Fully customizable themes; Typewriter sound effects (optional); Live statistics (optional); Spell-checking (optional); Multi-document support; Sessions; Portable mode (optional); Translated into over 20 languages.
Native 64-bit freeware

December 12, 2018
Title and Description Category
Alternate FTP 2.400
FBackup 7.4.497
Krita 4.1.7
MediaInfo 18.12
MiTeC JSON Viewer 1.2.0
MyTourBook 18.12.1
Freeware Updates
Texmaker is a free, modern and cross-platform LaTeX editor for Linux, MacOSX and Windows systems that integrates many tools needed to develop documents with LaTeX, in just one application. Texmaker includes unicode support, spell checking, auto-completion, code folding and a built-in pdf viewer with synctex support and continuous view mode. Texmaker is easy to use and to configure.
Native 64-bit freeware

December 11, 2018
Title and Description Category
Find.Same.Images.OK 1.39
GPU-Z 2.16.0
Miranda NG 0.95.10
Q-Dir 7.31
QuickWayToFolders 1.3.6
SysGauge 5.5.12
TweakPower 1.035
URH 2.5.2
WinLogOnView 1.32
Freeware Updates
Lima VVA
Lima VVA is a lightweight Windows application for the planning and design of small to medium road projects. The user is able to design the road interactively while the geometry and earthwork quantities are automatically updated with every change. The program produces high quality drawings, reports, and construction data for the road design. These results can be exported to other systems such as office, CAD and GIS software, surveying equipment, and systems for automated machine control.
Native 64-bit freeware

December 10, 2018
Title and Description Category
DAR 2.5.18
fmedia 1.3
Free Window Registry Repair 4.1
GEDCOM Validator
ImBatch 6.1.0
Monkey's Audio 4.42
My Family Tree
Registry Finder 2.32.1
Unreal Commander 3.57.1378
VidCoder 4.23 beta
WinAPIOverride 6.6.6
Freeware Updates
Racket is a general-purpose programming language as well as the world's first ecosystem for language-oriented programming. It goes beyond Lisp and Scheme with dialects that support objects, types, laziness, and more. Racket enables programmers to link components written in different dialects, and it empowers programmers to create new, project-specific dialects. Racket's libraries support applications from web servers and databases to GUIs and charts.
Native 64-bit freeware

December 9, 2018
Title and Description Category
ActivePresenter 7.5.1
AirDC++ 3.53
A's Video Converter 7.7.1
Blank And Secure 5.01
ClassicDesktopClock 1.31
ClipAngel 1.66
FolderChangesView 2.26
GPXSee 7.0
Swiss File Knife
Ultra Adware Killer
Freeware Updates
XunoPlayer, optimized for playing HEVC 10-bit YUV444 Video, is offered in two versions based on MPV and QtAV supporting Windows 10-64 and Ubuntu x64.
Native 64-bit freeware

December 8, 2018
Title and Description Category
ControlMyMonitor 1.11
Crystal Security
ExifTool 11.21
FastStone Photo Resizer 3.9
FET 5.37.3
MeinPlatz 5.38
Memtest86 8.0
OneLoupe 4.33
Regards Viewer 2.17
Replicator 3.7.1
Freeware Updates
BatchEncoder is an audio files conversion software. It supports most of popular audio file formats including lossy and lossless compression. The program is very simple to use. BatchEncoder is basically GUI front-end for command-line tools. All it does is create background processes and pass arguments to it with options set in presets/format menu and additionally adds input and output file paths. For specific options for each format use help available for command-line tools.
Native 64-bit freeware

December 7, 2018
Title and Description Category
Alternate Task Manager 2.800
Calibre 3.35.0
DesktopSnowOK 3.66
EdgeCookiesView 1.10
Geek Uninstaller
mrViewer 4.3.5
Pale Moon 28.2.2
Personal Backup
Freeware Updates
Toolbox for handling X-ray transmission image data collected using the Xradia TXM system. Features: Xradia file format support; FBP and ART tomo reconstruction; Command script generation for different experimental designs; TXM XANES imaging data analysis; PCA and k-means clustering of TXM XANES data.
Native 64-bit freeware

December 6, 2018
Title and Description Category
Free IP Switcher 3.1
Paint.NET 4.1.5
PeStudio 8.85
Registry Life 4.12
WinScan2PDF 4.64
Freeware Updates
ERAM is an open source RAM Disk. It has a size limit of 4 GB that uses page/non-paged/external RAM. You can use it for storing temp files, browser cache, etc. in order to speed up the programs that use those files. After installing, the RAM Disk will be available as the R: or Z: drive with a size of 1 GB (for 32-bit OSes) and 4 GB (for 64-bit OSes) which can be changed as you see fit by running eram.cpl by pressing Win + R.
Native 64-bit freeware

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