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April 23, 2017
Title and Description Category
DropIt 8.3
FRST 04/22/17
MKVToolnix 11.0.0
PilotEdit Lite 10.4.0
ShellMenuView 1.36
SysGauge 2.1.12
Tablacus Explorer 17.4.22
Unreal Commander 3.57.1212
Windows Firewall Control
Freeware Updates
Bowtie is an ultrafast, memory-efficient short read aligner. It aligns short DNA sequences (reads) to the human genome at a rate of over 25 million 35-bp reads per hour. Bowtie indexes the genome with a Burrows-Wheeler index to keep its memory footprint small: typically about 2.2 GB for the human genome (2.9 GB for paired-end).
Native 64-bit freeware

April 22, 2017
Title and Description Category
Alternate Task Manager 2.680
Fab 1.6
MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.9.1
PeStudio 8.58
WinAPIOverride 6.5.5
Freeware Updates
Win Product Key Viewer
Win Product Key Viewer is a very simple Windows OS software that helps you to recover the Windows product key (also known as Windows activation code). When the program is executed, it shows immediately the Windows version and the Windows product key. You can click on the button on the right of the editbox to quickly copy to clipboard the Windows product key. As you can see, this program is very simple to use, just run it and you can view the Windows product key (also known as Windows CD Key).
Native 64-bit freeware

April 21, 2017
Title and Description Category
CarotDAV 1.14.5
CPU-Z 1.79
DiskSavvy 9.6.18
DupScout 9.6.18
ExifTool 10.50
Merge 2.5
Nconvert 7.00
NetworkTrafficView 2.06
QuickViewer 0.5.4
Freeware Updates
VertrigoServ has been developed as a highly professional, easy to install package consisting of Apache (HTTP web server), PHP (reflective programming language), MySQL (multithreaded, multi-user, SQL Database Management System), SQLite (ACID-compliant relational database management system), SQLiteManager (multilingual web based tool to manage SQLite database), PhpMyAdmin (tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL) and Zend Optimizer (which increases runtime performance up to 40%) for Windows platform.
Native 64-bit freeware

April 20, 2017
Title and Description Category
Cyberfox 52.1.0
DiskSorter 9.6.12
My Family Tree
PDF24 Creator 8.1.4
Personal Backup
Resonic Player 0.8.7b
WinSCP 5.9.5
XnView 2.40
Freeware Updates
IP-HSD is a mail client that implements new protocols for those who really wants privacy in their mails. Gov agencies and providers are unable to hook your mails, You're stealth, untraceable and impossible to hook. Continue to use your ordinary mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, ...) for your ordinary mails and use IP-HSD for hidden communications. Your mails stored on your PC are also encrypted and recorded in a safe database. You're the one and only one who can unlock your mails.
Native 64-bit freeware

April 19, 2017
Title and Description Category
4ur-Windows-8-Mouse-Balls 2.11
CCleaner 5.29
Clover 3.3.4
DesktopOK 4.66
GPU-Z 1.20.0
HelpNDoc 5.1.0
LastActivityView 1.27
MediBang Paint Pro 11.0
System Ninja 3.1.7
Tablacus Explorer 17.4.18
TagSpaces 2.8.0
VirtualBox 5.1.20
Freeware Updates
Win Updates Disabler
Win Updates Disabler is a very simple Windows OS software that helps you to completely disable or enable Automatic Updates on your Windows system. Moreover, it can help to disable or enable Windows Defender, Windows Security Center and Windows Firewall. Remember that it is important keep your system up to date for security reasons, however, if for privacy reasons or for any other reason you want to disable Windows Updates and the other Windows security services, this little tool is all that you need. This program works fine on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.
Native 64-bit freeware

April 18, 2017
Title and Description Category
Advanced Renamer 3.77
DBeaver 4.0.5
Easy Service Optimizer 1.2
EMDB 2.73
FRST 04/17/17
MediaPortal 1.16.0
mrViewer 3.5.9
Paint.NET 4.0.16
PeaExtractor 1.3
RedCrab 6.10.2
USBDeview 2.66
Freeware Updates
Revo Uninstaller
Revo Uninstaller is a freeware uninstall utility. It has powerful features to uninstall programs scanning for left-over files, folders and registry entries after uninstall. With its unique 'Hunter mode' it offers you some simple, easy to use but effective and powerful approaches to manage (uninstall, stop, delete, disable from auto starting) and to get information about your installed and/or running application. Many cleaning tools included!
Native 64-bit freeware

April 17, 2017
Title and Description Category
Clip Angel 1.20
CSVFileView 2.31
FreeFileSync 9.0
My Family Tree
PureSync Personal 4.5.4
WifiHistoryView 1.40
Freeware Updates
This software is designed to help users visualize and analyze 3D point clouds with an associated real value, in a fast and flexible fashion. The primary use is in Atom Probe Tomography, which is an atomic imaging technique. However the program may also be useful in other areas, such as geospatial data, lidar, etc. Features: Load and view large point clouds; Slice, query and perform complex computations on points; Integration with external programs; ...
Native 64-bit freeware

April 16, 2017
Title and Description Category
Bandizip 6.04
CarotDAV 1.14.4
FET 5.31.5
FileOptimizer 9.80
Unreal Commander 3.57.1209
Freeware Updates
PreviSat is a simple, fast and intuitive application that displays the position of artificial satellites. Its graphical interface is designed to meet the needs of the neophyte or experienced observer. Developed in C++/Qt, it can work on all platforms and makes fast and precise calculations. PreviSat can calculate all passes of artificial satellites for any location in the world. So you can observe passes of the ISS (International Space Station) or Iridium flares, even if you live in a city.
Native 64-bit freeware

April 15, 2017
Title and Description Category
Calibre 2.83.0
ImBatch 5.3.2
Pixia 6.0.3c
Screen to GIF 2.7.1
TheAeroClock 4.11
Freeware Updates
Win10 Security Plus
Win10 Security Plus is a powerful Windows OS software application that improves the security of Windows. It applies many recommended security settings and advanced security enhancements to the operating system, the changes should not cause conflicts or system errors, we have tested them many times. The program enables important security services, disables vulnerable system features (such as autorun.inf autoplay, NTVDM executions, Windows host script), improves the security of Internet Explorer and of the system integrity. And best of all, you just need to click the button 'Apply Selected' and reboot the PC, that's all.
Native 64-bit freeware

April 14, 2017
Title and Description Category
Blank And Secure 4.24
GPU-Z 1.19.0
PotPlayer 1.7.1915
QuickViewer 0.5.1
SysGauge 2.0.26
VidCoder 2.51
Freeware Updates
Transmission is designed for easy, powerful use. Transmission also has the lowest memory footprint of any major BitTorrent client. Unlike many cross-platform applications, Transmission integrates seamlessly with your operating system. Transmission has the features you want from a BitTorrent client: encryption, a web interface, peer exchange, magnet links, DHT, µTP, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, webseed support, watch directories, tracker editing, global and per-torrent speed limits, and more.
Native 64-bit freeware

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