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JMathLib is used to evaluate complex mathematical expressions and display the results graphically. It can be used either interactively or to interpret script files (m-files). It is a clone of Matlab, Octave, FreeMat, Scilab but written 100% in java.
New functions: Added a new update manager. Added a test version of a java servlet. Added support for a++ and 5++. Added support for a-- and 5--. Added support for a+=5 -> a=a+5. Added support for a-=5 -> a=a-5. Added support for a*=5 -> a=a*5. Added support for a/=5 -> a=a/5. Added 'cut','paste','copy' to AWT GUI. Added 'ctrl-x','ctrl-v','ctrl-c' to AWT GUI. JMathLib is now thread save, you can run multiple instandes a the same time. Added the euler number as predefined variable. Added quit. Added exit. Added pwd. Added TextUI as a first version of a text based user interface. Bugfix for support for [1,0,3].^0 = [1,1,1] and 0.^[1,0,2] = [0,1,0]. Added format. Added for starting JMathLib on unix.
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