File Managers

ScanDir is the file and directory maintenance program for PC's running a Windows Operating System. ScanDir is a multi function file and directory utility that can create a list of filenames and/or foldernames based upon multiple selection criteria (time, date, size, extension, string, mask or regular expression). A group of files and/or folders can be Renamed, Deleted, Copied or Moved.
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Altap Salamander
Altap Salamander is a fast and reliable two-panel file manager for Windows. It has an intuitive interface, offers viewers for all popular file formats as well as support for common archives, and has built-in FTP and SFTP clients. Beyond basic operations, compare directories, change case of names, change attributes, date, and time, or convert files encoding or end of lines. Calculate physical space occupied by your files, show directory sizes in panel or show detailed drive information. Easily execute external command using User Menu or open the Command Shell window. Make list of selected files and directories or use list of previously opened files and directories.
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Eagle Mode
Eagle Mode is a zoomable user interface (ZUI) with file manager, file viewers, games, and more. This project is about a futuristic style of human-computer interaction, where the user can visit almost everything simply by zooming in. It features a portable C++ toolkit API for developing such ZUIs, and it features the Eagle Mode application, which provides a virtual cosmos with plugin applications. The most important one is the professional file manager with its rich, scriptable command set.
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allTags was developed to manage large file sets efficiently. Time-consuming actions, like naming files and choosing folders, are replaced by flexible tagging operations. With built-in support functions, allTags avoids inconsistencies and speeds up file description and retrieval. When using allTags, you stop caring about folder names and how to organize your files. You assign tags based on what your file is about or in which context you need to use it. This allows for a very fast retrievel as allTags filters down to what you need right now.
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Cloud Commander
Cloud Commander is an orthodox web file manager with console and editor. Will help you manage the server and work with files, directories and programs in browser from any computer, mobile or tablet. Features: View images; View text files; Playing audio; Playing video.
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File Converter
File Converter is a very simple tool which allows you to convert and compress one or several file(s) using the context menu in windows explorer. The interface is designed to be as light as possible to keep the application pleasant to use. You can heavily customize the application in order to add / remove conversion presets in the files context menus or edit the existing one to change the conversion options.
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Sorter organises files into folders which are grouped by the file types/formats. Sorter is able to recursively look into folders and their subfolders and filter out files that are of the same type. The files are then moved to a different directory and can also be categorised into groups such as audio, video,etc.
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Saladin is an open source dual-pane file manager for Windows which merges the capabilities of Windows Explorer with the well known and easy to use orthodox user interface.
- Dual pane user interface makes working with files much easier and faster
- Full Windows Shell integration for icons, contextual menus, drag and drop and file operations
- Integrated file viewer which can display text files using any encoding, binary files and most common image formats
- Support for ZIP archives which can be browsed just like regular directories
- Basic support for FTP connections which allows to connect to an FTP server.
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Unreal Commander
Unreal Commander is freeware file manager for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Features: Two-panel interface; UNICODE support; Extended search of files; Multi-rename tool; Synchronization of directories; Support of archives ZIP, 7Z, RAR, CAB, WIM, TAR, GZ, TGZ, LHA, ARJ; Built-in FTP client; Thumbnail mode; Folder tabs; Support of WLX/WCX/WDX plugins; Build-in viewer and quick view function; Network support; Drag and Drop; History and Hotlist functions; Copy/move/delete files background mode; Deleting files with WIPE; Background pictures support; Visual styles: color categories of files, fonts for all interface elements; and more.
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Attribute Changer
Attribute Changer is a powerful Windows Explorer add-on, available at your fingertips whenever you right-click on files, folders and even drives in Windows Explorer. Features: Right-click Extension; Photo date and time; Attributes, Date and Time; Detailed Reporting; Filters; Simulation. By default, Attribute Changer displays failed actions in a Log window but a more detailed view can be activated at any time to display a complete view of all activities in realtime, such as successful and failed changes. Old and new values of case changes, date, time and attributes are listed side by side for a comparision.
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Vifm is an ncurses based file manager with vi like keybindings / modes / options / commands / configuration, which also borrows some useful ideas from mutt. If you use vi, vifm gives you complete keyboard control over your files without having to learn a new set of commands.
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Hamsi Manager
Hamsi Manager is a file manager which was developed for extra operations. You can perform a process to multiple files at once. You can perform multiple processes to multiple files at once or over and over again the next time. Offers you more options as possible, all the while. Aimed to create a fully customizable environment and it aims to combine with ease of use.
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WCM Commander
WCM Commander (formerly Wal Commander GitHub Edition) is a multi-platform open source file manager for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OS X. The purpose of this project is to create a portable file manager mimicking the look-n-feel of Far Manager.
- Built-in terminal, viewer and editor with syntax highlighting
- Virtual file systems (ftp, sftp, samba)
- Very fast user interface
- Commands autocomplete
- File associations
- Look-n-feel similar to Far Manager.
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TagSpaces is an open source personal data manager. It helps you organize files with tags on every platform. It is designed to be easily extended with different plugins for visualization of directory structures or for opening of different file types. TagSpaces is running completely offline on your computer, smartphone or tablet and does not require internet connection or online registration. TagSpaces offers you a convenient web interface to your local file system. It is implemented in JavaScript and HTML5, which are the technologies behind most of the modern web applications.
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ExplorerView, written exclusively for Windows Vista, puts you back in the driver's seat of Windows Explorer. ExplorerView gives you the ability to turn off the way Explorer attempts to auto-detect the contents of a folder. If you use Explorer very much, you know this feature is not accurate, and can lead to frustrating file browsing. While ExplorerView was written for Windows Vista, Windows 7 users may find this utility useful as well.
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Just Manager
Just Manager is a feature packed, versatile, multi-tabbed multi-pane file manager for the Windows operating system. It is available in both x86 and x64 versions. Despite its many features it is relatively small and efficient.
Features: Multi-pane interface (1 to 16 panes); Multi-tabbed (1 to n tabs); Supports all modern versions of Windows with both x86 and x64 versions; Drag and Drop operations; Color and font highlighting for file/folder extension and attributes; Standard file operations (move, copy, shortcut); Map and disconnect network drives; Favorite and system folders support; Built in FTP client; Fully customizable interface; UNICODE support; Multi-lingual support.
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A General purpose two-panel file manager for Windows.
- Create zip and iso files
- Upload files to the Internet using FTP
- Fast file handling using the keyboard
- Built-in viewers handling many file formats
- Advanced built-in text editor
- Create animated gifs
- Create shortcut menus for your USB flash drives
- Portable - a single exe file with no particular dependencies
- Convert mdb files to csv or dbf
- No installation required (self-extracting zip exe provided for convenience)
- No uninstallation required (just delete the folder)
- Free for non-professional home use.
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Multi Commander
Multi Commander is a multi-tabbed file manager that is an alternative to the standard Windows Explorer. It uses the very popular and efficient dual-panel layout. Multi Commander has a everything you need in your daily works with files to make your work fast and efficient.
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Tablacus Explorer
Tablacus Explorer is a free tabbed file manager.
- Tabbed interface
- Flexible layouts
- Customizable html appearance
- Customizable association, menus, keys, mouse gestures, alias
- Customizable scripts work
- Save the configuration to xml
- Multiple language and Unicode support
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Far Manager
Far Manager is a text mode program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems.
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Explorer++ is a free multi-tab file manager for Windows. Available on Windows XP and above, it features the same familiar interface as Windows Explorer, while introducing several enhancements and improvements for a much richer file browsing experience.
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Q-Dir makes your files and folder easy to manage. Fast and easy access, with an amazing Quadro-View technique. You don't have to renounce the usual, Drag and Drop, all Views, and other functions of your system.
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Double Commander
Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. It is inspired by Total Commander and features some new ideas.
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Simple application to copy files and folders. Features: Copy hidden files; Preserve file permissions; Preserve creation date, last access and last modification date; File integrity check after copy; Copy and skip file filters; Resume on errors; Multi-threads copy; External copy program support like rsync; Option to move files.
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A command line file copy utility that can copy and hash files, drives, and volumes with many different options including hash verification, in-use file copying, logging, and date/ permission/ attribute preservation. Features: Copy files quickly; Preserve dates/ permissoins/ and attributes of copied items; Copy in-use files using volume shadow copy; Verify copied files with hashing and logging; Create hash lists of folders and files; DD image creation of disks/volumes; Filter by files copied by extension; Create vmdk files for physical images; Create an ISO of CDs and DVDs.
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FastCopy is the fastest Copy/Delete software for Windows. It supports UNICODE and over MAX_PATH (260 characters) files pathnames. It automatically selects different methods according to whether Source and DestDir are in the same or different HDD.
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Copy Handler
Copy Handler is a free software for Windows systems, which allows you to take full control over the file copy and move operations. Program is highly customizable and fully integrates with the operating system. In addition, Copy Handler offers many advanced options such as task queuing, filtering files according to specific criteria, pausing and resuming copying files operations, changing the copying parameters on the fly and in many cases also offers a significant acceleration of the entire copying files process.
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XXCOPY is simply a logical extension to XCOPY. It remains faithfully compatible with XCOPY in the invocation syntax, yet, adds many innovative features to be a very serious utility for anyone who feels comfortable in managing files in command line mode (DOS Box). XXCOPY has grown to be not just a file copy program but also a file removal, search and list utility. Its short name preserving capability makes it ideal to clone a system disk which can be made bootable. In short, it is an industrial strenth utility for system administrators.
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NiceCopier replaces windows explorer file copy, it adds many feartures like pausing, resuming and it calculates the best copy speed. Its main goal is to improve the copy organisation and GUI.
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SuperCopier replaces Windows explorer file copy and adds many features: Transfer resuming; Copy speed control; No bugs if You copy more than 2GB at once; Copy speed computation; Better copy progress display; A little faster; Copy list editable while copying; Error log; Copy list saving/loading.
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Ultracopier is an advanced file copy utility with advanced features:
- Community
- Run every where
- Customizable
- Performance and control
- Error and collision management
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ExtremeCopy Free
ExtremeCopy is a Windows copy file utility which copy and move files and folders extremely fast and operation is simple, it can increase 20% ~ 120% speed up than Windows copy handler. It includs some powerful features such as pause copy process, error recovery and so on but as easy as Windows default copy handler.
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