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Version 3.7.0, release date: March 24, 2018
Filmotech is a movie catalog software for movies on DVD, Blu-Ray, DiVX, CD, VHS and more. Features: Dynamic Web PHP/MySQL publishing; Search movie data on Internet; Exporting to mobile devices and tablets; Cover printing; Lent management; Statistics; Print lists and catalogs; Import/Export; Profiles management; Search; Local and MySQL databases; ...

Version 0.14.6, release date: March 14, 2018
Giada is a free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians. How does it work? Just pick up your channel, fill it with samples or MIDI events and start the show by using this tiny piece of software as a loop machine, drum machine, sequencer, live sampler or yet as a plugin/effect host. Giada aims to be a compact and portable virtual device for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows for production use and live sets.

My Family Tree
Version, release date: March 11, 2018
My Family Tree is a genealogy product for all keen family historians. Its modern user interface and wide range of features will help you create your family tree in no time at all.
- Interactive and customisable family tree chart viewer.
- Add photos, videos and attachments to each family members.
- Record facts and events with evidence explained citations for each person...

Version 1.0.7, release date: March 5, 2018
PotterDraw is a free 3D software application for designing and visualizing pottery. Itís useful for creating cylindrical shapes such as pots, flasks, vases, bowls, plates, cups, glasses, goblets, or anything similar. The outer wall of the pot is drawn using a spline, which consists of one or more curved or linear segments. The inner wall is generated automatically.

Version 1.1.0, release date: March 13, 2018
QuickViewer is an graphic image viewer for comfortable browsing of many images. This software performs reading of image data in advance. And loading the imported image data on the screen with OpenGL. You can browse images with less lightness than ever before.

Registry Finder
Version 2.24, release date: March 10, 2018
Registry Finder is a small, fast and handy utility that searches the Windows registry and displays the results in a list. You can edit found items or jump to an item in RegEdit in a single click. Search results can be saved to a .reg or a text file. Registry Finder does not require installation. Just download and put it into any folder on HDD or USB drive and start the executable. The utility does not store any its data in the registry. It stores settings in the RegistryFinder.config file located in the same folder as the executable.

Version 3.9.2, release date: March 24, 2018
SuperCollider is a platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, used by musicians, artists, and researchers working with sound.
SuperCollider features three major components:
- scsynth, a real-time audio server, forms the core of the platform.
- sclang, an interpreted programming language.
- scide is an editor for sclang with an integrated help system.

Version 1.22, release date: March 22, 2018
UninstallView is a tool for Windows that collects information about all programs installed on your system and displays the details of the installed programs in one table. You can use it to get installed programs information for your local system, for remote computer on your network, and for external hard-drive plugged to your computer. It also allows you to easily uninstall a software on your local computer and remote computer (Including quiet uninstall if the installer supports it).

USB Device Tree Viewer
Version 3.1.5, release date: March 21, 2018
The USB Device Tree Viewer, short UsbTreeView is based upon the Microsoft 'USBView' sample application found in the Windows Driver Development Kits. Improvements: better icons in the treeview; refresh on device change performed asynchronously, per device and selected item stays selected; shows additional information gathered from the Windows device management; shows drive letters/mountpoints and COM ports; can perform safe removal, device restart and port restart; custom font and color for the right pane; toolbar with jump-lists for easily finding devices in complex trees; search to find device IDs, string descriptors etc.

Version 2.0.0, release date: March 17, 2018
WinDataReflector is a lightweight file synchronization and backup tool that wraps up fast file comparison and transfer algorithms into a simple and clear interface that offers you visual comparison of files and folders before synchronizing and backing them up and support for two way synchronization with fully customizable rules. This software enables you to backup any type of file, as well as entire directories.

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