Freeware Guide
Freeware Orphans keeps these abandoned programs available to download for anyone who might be looking for them.

Lexun Freeware RegScrubXP 3.25, DrvCareXP 4.2, Lexun Backup Solution 2.1
Kaufman Software This page is dedicated to offering some of the excellent applications developed by Alex Kaufman.
Other Orphans CM DiskCleaner, CNotePad, Log Monitor, deskillusion, Effective Desktop. RAMBoss, Wintercooler, Ascii Finder
Software by Thomas Starke Pawn 2.86 (chess program) and XPlayer 3.21 (MP3 player)
RAREWARE Sanologic gr44 Animator, Dialog Mate, Switch Off, JoneSoft UnInstall Cleaner, Photo Print Calendar...