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Title  IEradicator Size  200 kB Win  95/98/ME
IEradicator is a tiny ASCII script that removes Internet Explorer versions 3 through 6.0., either because you don't want it or because you want a clean basis for an upgrade. It is NOT a complete removal, however, as they say in the manual - 'The removal process eliminates 99% of Internet Explorer's files and registry keys to clear approximately 30MB of disk space. The remaining 1% is left behind to maintain compatibility with programs that use the MS HTML layout engine (e.g. Outlook Express)... After an IEradicator removal you have a clean foundation onto which you can install a more recent version of IE and the result is likely to be a smoother install and more stable final product when compared to an upgrade installation.... Severe problems and Operating system Crashes can be solved by removing IE with IEradicator and then reinstalling IE again (if that's your choice) from the source files.' NOTES: IEradicator contains two versions. One version keeps all the web view shell integration intact, and the other takes all of that out for a lean and fast desktop environment COMMENTS: Easy to use and small, Eradicator will do all the work you need to do the job. Just click and re-boot when it tells you to. When your computer comes back on it has already finished it's job. It's that simple. A small issue with a few file associations that can be easily fixed by the user is the only bug I have come across.
Not for use with Windows 2000sr2 or Windows XP!
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