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This is the 1.01 release of Programmer's File Editor, a large-capacity multi-file programming oriented editor for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 on Intel platforms, Windows 2000 on Intel platforms, and Windows 3.1x
PFE includes the following features:
- The size of file it can handle is limited only by the total amount of virtual memory available
- No arbitrary limit on the number of lines a file can contain
- It can edit multiple files, the number being limited only by the available system resources
- Allows multiple edit windows showing the same file
- Multi-level undo facility
- Can read and write files in UNIX format using LF as line terminator, with automatic format detection
- Line numbers can be shown in any edit window if required
- Text can be copied and moved by dragging and dropping
- Right-click mouse menus give access to commonly required functions
- DOS commands such as compilers can be run with the output captured in an edit window
- Commonly-used text can be inserted in a simple operation from template libraries
- Fully-remappable keyboard, including two-key operation similar to MicroEMACS and mapping of Alt keys to functions
- Keystrokes and menu commands can be recorded in replayable keyboard macros which can be collected into libraries
- Files can be printed either in total, by line range, or selected text only
- Files can be printed with two pages per sheet of paper in landscape mode or as booklets
- Automatic line indenting and removal of trailing spaces
- Automatic configuration of edit options depending on file type
- Automatic configuration of tab sizes depending on file type
- Automatic brace alignment when editing C source
- Text indent/undent operations
- Optional automatic text wrapping at configurable margin
- Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse (32-Bit Edition)
- Floating Control Station to manage large numbers of open files (32-Bit Edition)
Additionally, the editor can be controlled by another application across aDDE client-server link.
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