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Title  TrackWinstall Size  286 kB Win  2000/XP/Vista
TrackWinstall is a free tool that informs you about the changes a setup program made to your Windows installation. It shows you what files where added or removed and which files were changed by the setup program. It also lists all Registry changes.
TrackWinstall uses the differential method, i.e. it compares the system states before and after the installation. However, it doesn't create an MSI installation package. You'll get an activity protocol instead. This is can be useful if there are conflicts between applications or if you want your packager to create a usable setup file.
The programmer's description on the homepage is in German. If you start TrackWinstall on an English Windows, it opens with an English-user interface. The help file is in English, too.
You can set whether you only want to track the registry or the file system. You can also define additional paths to be tracked. By default, TrackWinstall will monitor the following:
- the Windows Registry,
- the Windows folder and its subfolders,
- the 'Common Files' folder and its subfolders,
- the 'Documents and Settings' folder and its subfolders.
You have the choice between tracking file changes based on MD5 checksums or based on their size and time stamp. MD5 checksums are safer but rather slow.
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