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Title  Omziff Size  408 kB Win  2000/XP
Omziff is a straightforward encryption utility that uses various cryptographic algorithms to encrypt and decrypt textual files. These algorithms include: Blowfish, Cast128, Gost, IDEA, Misty1, AES/Rijndael, and Twofish.
Omziff also generates random passwords, splits files, and does simple file shredding according to DOD Standards. It is freeware, comes in a standalone executable file with no dependencies and is completely USB compatible!

Simply choose both an algorithm and an input file to generate an encrypted output file from, and then process the resulting output file. Omziff also generates random passhrases as well.
1) Simply choose the algorithm that you wish to use in generating an encrypted output file.
2) Then select the file to use to generate the encrypted output from, as well as the filename and location of your new, decrypted output file.
3) If you choose to use a passphrase, use the passphrase generator to create a random one for you. Use the save button to save it as a textfile.
4) Take care to remember which algorithm you used to encrypt your data!

Use the password generator to create a random password for added security between 3 and 20 characters in length.

Securely delete single or multiple files in correspondence with Department Of Defense Standard number 5220.22-M.

Split larger files into smaller segments for various purposes: to store on floppy disks, email, etc. The files are split into segements which you specify the size of, and then the output is portioned off into files with an .oss extension. The main file, which contains the rejoin details, has an .omf extension. Do not modify or delete it!
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