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Title  Minimem Size  558 kB Win  XP/2003/Vista/7
Initially developed for Firefox only, Minimem now can reduce the memory footprint of any application. It runs in the background and can be set up to optimize as many proceses as you'd like, using a very intuitive graphical interface. Unlike other memory optimization tools, it gives you full control over what applications you want to optimize, when and how often.
It optimizes memory by removing as many non-necessary memory pages as possible from the selected processes. It does so at regular intervals which can be user-defined as well and every 30s by default. This then optimizes your applications which can load those pages back whenever they need, and makes your overall system perform much better whenever it is memory limited.
Typical applications are:
- Reducing the memory footprint of memory-heavy applications that should not e.g. web browsers or office applications
- Making it easier to run applications with memory leaks, e.g. Firefox 2 or extremely large footprints e.g. Firefox 3
- Running multiple applications on the same computer e.g. web desktop tool, web browser, office application all concurrently
- Use computers that are not so recent with modern applications
- And many more...
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