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Cool Beans System Info is a small but powerful program that monitors your computer's CPU, physical memory, and swap memory usage. Version 2 was rewritten from scratch, and adds network monitoring, a task manager, dual-processor support, and enhanced visual effects.
Cool Beans System Info Features:
- Displays CPU, physical memory, and swap file usage
- Dual processor support
- Fully functional task manager, showing running tasks, processes, and threads
- Network monitoring
- Network stopwatch for clocking Internet downloads
- Displays important Windows folders
- Displays system 'up time'
- Floating windows, showing individually monitored variables in separate windows
- Operating system information
- Extensive CPU information
- Runs in your system tray
- Supports Windows 2000 and XP alpha blending for a 'transparent' look and feel
- Fixed alpha blending and 'variable' alpha blending, which adjust opacity depending upon the value of the monitored variable
- Windows borders are toggable
- Snapping to screen edges
- Totally unobtrusive - graph windows are resizable
- Customizable graph colors and other display options
- Check for updates from within program
- Help file.
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