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Bax It! is a backup program that was written for non techy users to be able to quickly use without having to go through setup and options that, actually, most users, even techy, don't really need or want. If you try it and like it then you may be delighted to find out that you can add an add-on that will clone your backup hard drive. This is ideal for laptop owners but PC users can also use it.
Bax It! has particular characteristics that set it apart from similar programs, as I said earlier, and one of these is the complete lack of bells and whistles that are referred to normally as features and options.
The philosophy behind Bax It! was to minimize 'fuss' because the program is meant for average laptop owners who have better things to do than spend time learning how to use a program when it IS perfectly possible for that program, in the case of backing up, to pre-think the options for 99.99999% of such cases. That's how Bax It! evolved in one distinct way.
That 'floors' some first time users, they think they must have done something wrong because with just a few clicks the program is actually doing the job. They usually expect a series of options or preferences and so on.
Looked at from the point of view of an oft expressed wish, to see lots of options, or to see them as advantageous, Bax It! is just about the lousiest program you could ever clap your eyes on - there are just about none once you've chosen to either backup or backup and clone and then the drive to backup up to. The only other things standing in the way of actually doing the backup is the possible encounter with my easter egg if you discover the right key at the right time!
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