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Picture Cropper
Picture cropper is the software that can crop any part of a picture. The cropped part can be saved in many formats like jpg, bmp or png.

Fotografix is an image editor that can be used for digital image enhancement, photo retouching and graphic design. As it is quite small and does not require installation, it can be run off a USB drive and hence can act as a substitute when other image editors are not readily available.

John's Image Converter
Quite simply, you launch the application, then either drag and drop the picture you want to resize onto it or click the '...' button and select it. You pick the new size (in pixels or as a percentage), choose where you want the new image to go along with the new name (if you want to change it), click 'Convert' and you're done. Nothing much to it really!

So you want to make HDR images. But none of the common tools are good enough for you? You want the accuracy of HDRShop, with all the low-level control to squeeze out the maximum on image quality. But you don't want any of the tediousness, so you also want all the modern convenience features like exposure detection from EXIF data and automatic image alignment? And you want a tone mapper where the final result looks exactly like the preview? Then Picturenaut is for you. Picturenaut was born in the German photo community. It has been in the works for almost two years, with consistent improvements according to user feedback. That's why the first official release is already Version 2.1, marking a new milestone in making high quality HDR Imaging accessible and easy.

Framer is a small freeware program that allows you to view 'multi-frame' JPG images as a movie. Some digital cameras, such as the Epson PhotoPC 600, can take pictures in a 'multi-frame' mode, capturing 9 images in a few seconds and saving them as one JPG image file. Framer allows you to view the individual frames of these JPG images in rapid succession, creating a mini-movie.

EXIFRead is a small freeware utility that extracts image information from EXIF/JPG files. Many new digital cameras create image files that store information about the image and the camera that took it. Information about shutter speed, aperture, focal length is typically included. EXIFRead will extract and display all the information that it finds in the file. The information that EXIFRead displays can be copied to the clipboard and saved as a text file.

If you get too many pictures on your harddrive, downloaded or photographied, from several different sources, it may happen that you have many duplicates. In that case you need a quick and easy to use program that finds and deletes all your duplicates.
VisiPics does more than just look for identical files, it goes beyond checksums to look for similar pictures and does it all with a simple user interface. First, you select the root folder or folders to find and catalogue all of your pictures. It then applies four image comparison filters in order to measure how close pairs of images on the hard drive are.
Visipic is a program that is considerably faster than any other commercial product and has an interface that let you do other things while Visipics automatically finds your duplicated images. It will detect two different resolution files of the same picture as a duplicate, or the same picture saved in different formats, or duplicates where only minor cosmetic changes have taken place.
All detected duplicates are shown side by side with pertinent information such as file name, type and size being displayed. Its auto-select mode let you choose if you want to keep the higher resolution picture, space-saving filetype, smaller filesize or all of the above. If you are insecure over what you really want to delete you can manually select the images you don't want to keep and delete them yourself.

Vignetting Reducer
The word vignetting is used to indicate an unintended darkening of the image corners in a photographic image. There are three different mechanisms which may be responsible. Natural and optical vignetting are inherent to each lens design, while mechanical vignetting is due to the use of improper attachments to the lens. Natural and optical vignetting lead to a gradual transition from a brighter image center to darker corners. At large apertures both phenomena are present and the combined effect is often designated by the term 'illumination falloff'. Mechanical vignetting can also give rise to gradual falloff, although the usual connotation is one where it causes an abrupt transition with entirely black image corners.

Like every magician, a computer artist needs a few tricks up his sleeve. Image processing offers some excelent opportunities for conjuring up such magic. The techniques used by Dydelf will allow you to perform some digital prestidigitation on an ordinary image and transform it into an outlined posterized graphic with artistic flair.

Vallen JPegger
Vallen JPegger is the international, handy, and full featured image viewer, which shouldn't be missing on any PC. Now in 27 different languages including full Unicode language and file support. It is designed for large image libraries with thousands of files. This little power pack reads 40 different image file formats, supports lossless JPEG rotation and includes an unique MP3 Organizer including a simple player: MP3 files are categorized according their MP3 tag information into artist, genre and album in a comfortable tree structure. Great for larger music archives.

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