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Title  Merge Size  3.0 MB Win  XP/Vista/7
MERGE is a freeware graphic utility for overlaying two images in any relative position prior to saving the result to a file. You can merge the two images in many different ways. No need to worry about relative positioning or image size/scaling differences.
Batch merge files from a directory with a single image file of your choice. Useful to watermark all your images in just one hit.
- Merge whole pictures with adjustable blending modes.
- Rotate either or both 'source' images before merging them.
- Batch Merge files with a single image - useful for watermarking your favorite images.
- Type up or paste in text of any font, size and color and merge it with an image.
- Smoothly blend in just part of a source image to the final result.
- Using the clipboard: copy back result back to a source image and rescale or reposition it for remerging. This results in ineresting effects.
- Set any relative positioning of the images on top, side by side or overlapping. See an example of a quadrant merge.
- The image formats for loading and saving are BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TGA, PCX.
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