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Title  Rumshot Size  150 kB Win  2000/XP/2003/Vista
Rumshot is an application for Windows similar to SnapShooter (Mac OS X) developed by Andrew Powell. Rumshot is designed to create a beautifully framed preview in a few seconds, as well as taking screenshots of your desktop. Rumshot supports themes for its frames, the program itself comes 18 themes - you can also find various themes for your frames on the web, or easily create one. I decided to create this guide because some people were having a hard time using the program.
Rumshot isn't just your average screenshot untility. Rumshot uses themes to generate stylish screenshot previews, in addition to saving your screenshot in a number of formats with several options. Rumshot also supports multiple monitors and alphablended windows!
Rumshot includes a default theme to get you started. Just one? Not to worry! Download the latest Rumshot Theme pack to get dozens more pre-made Rumshot themes. The Rumshot Theme Pack includes your favorite SnapShooter borders from the top Border creators and original Rumshot Themes.
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