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Title  Jet Screenshot Size  2.9 MB Win  98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Jet Screenshot enables you to share screen shots via internet in seconds. The program sits in the system notification area, in the corner by the digital clock, ready to capture your screen whenever you click on the icon - then it drops the selected-area marker on your screen, where you can crop the area to be sent over, mark or comment it, just like you would do with a pencil over a sheet of paper. Just a click on the 'Share to Web' button, once all the manipulations are done, completes the work, and in a few moments you will have the Web link to the image in the clipboard.
Send a link in a variety of ways: the messenger, mail, by phone, forums, chats, etc. Don't bother sending e-mails with the attached screen snap to one or multiple users, in that case you'll also waste time waiting for the reply. Contact them directly in a chat or forum to deliver the link and get a reply right away.
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