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Free IP Scanner
Free IP scanner is a very fast IP scanner and port scanner. It is intended for both system administrators and general users to monitor and manage their networks. Powered with multi-thread scan technology, this program can scan hundreds computers per second. It simply pings each IP address to check if it's alive, then optionally it is resolving its hostname, determines the MAC address, NetBIOS information, scans ports, etc. The information obtained can be exported into a file as plain text file. Try this program and you will see, how easy and simple your network management can be.

Page Update Watcher
Page Update Watcher is a program that helps you monitor your favourite web pages for updates. You can choose different types of update alerts (pop-up/sound/e-mail). Pages can be monitored manually or automatically by individual schedule. Keep updated and start saving time with Page Update Watcher.

eXpress IP Locator
XIPL is an small freeware utility for offline retrieving the country information from IP-address or hostname, viewing IP-address blocks allocated for specified countries and seeking the country by code or code by country.

dlTime calculates an estimate of how long a download should take knowing the size of the file, and the speed of the connection.

IPNetInfo is a small utility that allows you to easily find all available information about an IP address: The owner of the IP address, the country/state name, IP addresses range, contact information (address, phone, fax, and email), and more. This utility can be very useful for finding the origin of unsolicited mail. You can simply copy the message headers from your email software and paste them into IPNetInfo utility. IPNetInfo automatically extracts all IP addresses from the message headers, and displays the information about these IP addresses.

Query Application
A small network tool that provides a wide range of Internet information : Host To IP - Convert host name to IP address. IP To Host - Convert IP address to host name. Whois - Get information on names from the Network Information. Finger - Obtain information about all users on a network host. EQ - Retrieve recent Earthquake information using Finger. HTML - View full header information and the page data from a Web server. FTP - Query FTP server. Shows root directories and files. Get Time - Obtain precise time value from a remote Time server. Sync My Clock - Obtain precise time value from a remote Time server and synchronize your local system clock. Port Scan - Verify a host for available network services. Ping - Verify connectivity to a particular device on the network. Trace - Show the list of gateways between your computer and a particular device. IPCfg - Launch Windows IP Configuration utillity. NetStat - Obtain information about current connections. Query Application Modems dialog box gives you information about installed modems, lets you send AT commands, and can detect incoming calls.

A small and fast FREEWARE program enabling you to search a number of large book search engines for new and used books through the Internet. Ideal for finding rare or hard-to-find books, or for comparing prices. Search by keyword, author, or title.

Yawcam - Yet Another Webcam Software, makes it easy to show images or video on the Internet from your webcam. Yawcam supports JPG, GIF and PNG but also streaming video. Features: build-in webserver, ftp-upload, time stamps in the pictures, multi languages.

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