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Title  UniPro UGENE Size  32.7/35.6 MB Win  32/64-bit
The ultimate goal of the project is to integrate popular bioinformatics tools and algorithms within a single visual interface that can be easily used by molecular biologists.
Unipro UGENE is a free visual software solution for DNA and protein sequence analysis.
User Interface:
- Visual and interactive process of analysis
- Workflow Designer to create computational workflows
- High-quality, publication ready visualization
- Native look-and-feel on Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOS
Design and extensibilty:
- A script language to create new tasks and GUI elements
- Support for pluggable modules
- Active computational tasks do not block user interface
Hardware scalability:
- Supports 32/64-bit Intel and AMD processors, IBM Cell and Sun Sparc processors
- Customizable algorithms library: for multicore computers, GPU blocks, high performance clusters.
Availability and cooperation:
- Free and open source
- Can be used for education in schools and universities.
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