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Projectile Calculator
This is a simple program to find the various parameters like final velocity, horizontal displacement and maximum height reached by a trajectory or a projectile. It also plots the path of the projectile and has support for initial height.
You can use this application to study the projectile motion and its various aspects, such as variation of range and height with angle of launch.
It can also find the particle's (x, y) location based on time and vice versa calculate any two of the three parameters (x,y,t) knowing just one.

Webmizzle is a simple tool, that allows you to monitor the current weather conditions worldwide. It uses data that are available to the public (you can see the same images on countless www pages with any web browser). I wrote this program because I felt sick when I had to launch Internet Explorer and then browse through the ads and other crap just to see a satellite image or current temperature. And this is what Webmizzle offers painless access to current satellite images, weather conditions and forecasts charts.

- 2ndTime... showes a 2nd time permanently on screen.
- AddTime... is a time calculator to add/sub hours/minutes. - AdvertiseWriter... is helpful for writing advertises.
- AppBrowser... is an exe browser which auto-detects a system for available applications and offers buttons to open them.
- ASCII_Ex... extracts the readable characters of any (data) file.
- AutoCopy... replaces [Ctrl]+[c] if there is a lot to copy.
- BackgroundChecker... forms small gif/jpg to a website background surface, helpful in search for the favorite website design.
- Black... makes a black screen as an alternative to a screen saver.
- BookmarkTester... checks Netscape bookmarks if they are still working.
- CharCount... counts the clipboard included characters.
- CheckASC... to find out the ASCII- and Keycodes for any keys.
- CheckList... to handle a check-list (german: Strichliste)
- Clip2htm... converts lists of url addresses to clickable html tags, which were found in ascii formatted text.
- ClipCalc... calculates and formats clipboard content.
- Clipcon... provides an assignable store of 10 text modules, which can be quickly copied into the clipboard.
- ClipEd... is a realtime clipboard editor.
- ClipHistory... saves text which was copied into the clipboard.
- ClipMonMini... is a clip monitor with hex/dec mode.
- ClipSort... sorts the clipboard included text lines.
- Copy2Clip... copies pathes into the clipboard.
- Copy&Trim... cuts spaces and tabs before and behind each clipboard included line, specially useful if something was copied from a website into the clipboard.
- CopyPur... removes unwanted format controls from the clip (from websites, word...).
- CountDownWatch... shows when you can go home from the office.
- Cryple... is a number decrytion game.
- Desktop... offers a button in the taskbar to switch to the desktop.
- Diversion... diverts an application to another one.
- eBayMailReader... reads customer information from Ebay emails (German only)
- EbaySzenarioRechner... calculates auction prices
- Egal... Please see separately text-file (sorry, german only).
- EntityConv... converts special ascii characters to html/xml workable commands ( = ä).
- Euro... is an Euro converter.
- FileDuplicate... duplicates a file in the same folder.
- FontChart... is an alternative Windows Character Chart (maybe replacement).
- ImageMemory... offers a memory store for 10 pictures.
- KalWo... showes the calendar weeks.
- KeyWordGen (Keywords Generator)... extracts words from any file (ascii prefered) to generate keyword lists.
- Manu... is a browser for selfmade documents like manuals.
- Mini-Avalanche... is a traditional board game with stones and seesaws.
- MultiReplacer... replaces a list of items included in an ascii text in one process only.
- Notpad... is a Notepad clone without 64k doc-size limitation.
- OpenGRP... opens URL- and program-groups in one process.
- OpenURL... opens high-lighted (Text-) URL in the browser.
- PathCopy... copies pathes into the clipboard, specially designed for the freeware tool 'OpenExpert'.
- PhoneticAlphabets... converts alphabets into phonetic alphabets, and quiz
- RNDGen (Random Generator)... generates random numbers.
- RemoveDisk... checks if a disk is inside the drive when system shuts down.
- SliderGame... try to adjust numbers by using slider
- Slotty... Yahtzee on slot machine base
- TBC - TaskBarCalculator... maybe the ww smallest available Windows calculator.
- Tour... makes it possible to create a descrition tour for anything.
- TrayMan... adds the icon of any application/file into the system tray.
- Unicon... is an universal Configuration Manager.
- Val2Words... converts values into real words.
- VIP... auto-detects all exe-files in the same folder and offers the appropriate quantity of buttons to open them.
- Vol... is an alternative to the Standard Windows Systray Volume Control.
- WheelDemoClock... demontrates an ActivX wheel control.
- WheelText... showes a text in kind of slot wheels.
- WinOnTop... fixes any window on top of the screen.
- WordCount... counts the clipboard included words.
- Undocumented... contains several undocumented experimental works.

Gina Beauty
Face recognition and makeover analysis software. Ever wondered who you look like? Compare yourself with a range of celebrity faces, find those with a style that could suit you. Easy to use, quick to run, completely free. Full online help. No registration required.

Mobilator converts mobile telephone numbers to text and vice-versa. Some digits can be replaced with letters, which are on corresponding button on telephone. You can try find word representation of your telephone number or prepare telephone number from whatever word. Application includes dictionary with 10,000 words for searching understandable tel. number representation.

One minute relaxation utility. If you run it, there is no way to stop it during one minute. Try to break it !

Micro-Sys Corner
Corner is a program to calculate odd corners made from sheet materials like aluminium, steel, or glass. It could be the corners of aluminium or steel facades - or perhaps strangely shaped fishtanks... If you are in that line of work or a bit interested in geometry, Corner will be very easy to use as you will recognize the scenario - if not Corner will be useless to you!

UT Grade
A must-have for any student. UTGrade is a simple-to-use freeware that organizes your grades and courses and generates numerous statistics such as GPA, letter grade, un/weighted average, standard deviation, etc.
UTGrade is a program that helps you keep track of your marks and calculates numerous statistics. Its features include: 1) Designed for the University of Toronto, but compatible with most universities/colleges. 2) Keeps a record of your assignments and tests. 3)Calculates your course average in percentage and letter grade. 4) Calculates your course's standard deviation in marks. 5) Allows you to forecast and analyse a target percentage. 6) Calculates your overall average in percentage, weighted percentage, letter grade, and GPA. 7) Compares your current GPA with your cumulative GPA. Version 2 is completely rewritten, and features a clean windows interface.

The NumericalChameleon converts numbers with a precision of up to 1000 significant figures! It supports more than 2300 units in 78 categories, including lengths, areas, volumes, durations, bits & bytes, angles, temperatures, exchange rates, roman numerals, spoken numbers in 20 languages, colorcodes, unicodes, international dial codes, all 35 radixes, calendar, unicode, and more. (Free and platform independent Open Source project).

Click-N-Type is an on-screen virtual keyboard designed for anyone with a disability that prevents him or her from typing on a physical computer keyboard. As long as the person can control a mouse, trackball or other pointing device, he or she can send keystrokes to virtually any Windows application or DOS application that can run within a window.

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