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Version: 1.1
Author: Ryan VanMiddlesworth
Release: June 14, 2002
Download file size: 44 kB
OS: Windows XP / 2000



Vitrite is a tiny utility for Windows 2000 (or newer) that allows you to adjust the transparency of almost any visible window. Just click on the window you wish to modify and then press:
Ctrl + Shift + [Any numerical key on the top row of your keyboard]

There are 10 different levels of transparency:
1 == Most transparent
9 == Least transparent
0 == No transparency

Another feature of Vitrite is the ability to toggle a window's "always on top" flag. Just press "Ctrl Shift +" (that's the plus sign) and it will make the active window stay on top of the other windows. Press it again to reverse this behavior.


For the zipped version you unzip the files into any directory you want and you're good to go. You'll probably want to create a shortcut to it in the 'Start Menu'. [Hint: Put it in the 'Startup' group if you want it to start every time you turn on your computer.]

Vitrite Home

Download Vitrite (44 kB)

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