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Version: 3.00
Author: Peter Tapolyai
Release: March 7, 1998
Download file size: 26 kB
Requires: vb40032.dll



TreeRep is a file/string management utility. This program allows you to search for and delete or replace text in a file or in a number of files.

The power of TreeRep lies in its versatility. TreeRep allows you to seach for a string in a directory and in all its subsequent subdirecories before you do any string replacement. Once your text is found, that file is automatically added to your selection. After the search is complete, the program returns into replace mode. You are now ready to implement your changes. Of course you can select files manually as well. For example, to manage a web-site with a number of subdirectories and often hundreds of files, TreeRep is an essential program.

Searching is so powerful that you can even do inverse search as well. That is, find all files that do not contain your string !

You can use it at your convenience. TreeRep is apporved by "BOOT IT Software Reviews" as one of the best of the web's free programs.

MapSite allows you to "map" an entire website, finding all the links to all pages and sites. Once you have a list, you can search through to find one specific link or file.

LinkDir is a very small program that will let you find all files in a directory and list those files in a webpage. The list is aseries of links to each file in that directory.

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