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Version: 3.3
Author: Brian Apps
Release: February 2, 2003
Download file size: 17 kB
OS: Windows XP / 2000 / NT / Me / 98 / 95



Sizer is a simple program that allows any window to be resized to predefined dimensions. This can be very useful when, for example, you need to see how a web page will look with different screen setups. Designing a page on a 19" monitor may look fine at 1280x1024 but not so good on a 15" monitor at 800x600. Sizer allows you to quickly change the overall window size (not the screen size) to ensure that the page design works well at all sizes.

Sizer can also be used to set a window size accurately before a taking a screen grab. This can be very useful when writing product documentation and you need to ensure that screen grabs are the same size.

Using Sizer

To use Sizer simply run the program and an icon will appear in the Windows system tray. The Sizer program is now resident in memory. Whenever the mouse is moved over the edge of a window and the resizing arrows appear, you can click the right hand mouse button and pop-up menu will appear. From this pop-up you can select a dimension to resize the window to.

Sizer works on all resizeable windows including MDI child windows and some splitter bars.

You can also resize a window by right clicking to the Sizer system tray icon and selecting an item from the popup item. In addition, Sizer adds another menu item to the system menu that gives access to the same resizing operations.

The list of sizes that appear in the pop-up menu can be customised by right clicking the icon in the system tray and selecting the Configure Menu option. This will bring up a dialog box to allow your own custom window sizes to be defined. These settings are saved in the registry and will be used the next time Sizer is run.

Sizer also displays a tooltip that shows the exact size of a window as it's being resized. To disable this feature uncheck the option "Show tooltip when resizing windows" in the configuration dialog. In addition, if the Control key is held during resizing, the window is snapped to the nearest grid size. The grid size is 10 pixels by default by can be redefined in the Sizer configuration dialog.


Download Sizer (17 kB)

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