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Version: 1.51
Author: Thong Nguyen
Release: November 23, 2002
Download file size: 49 kB
OS: Windows all



PowerMenu is a small utility that adds a few options to the system menu on any application. This is the menu you get when you click on the icon on the top left of the application's window, or if you right-click on the system's entry in the taskbar. What options do you get? Well, for me the most interesting one is the ability to set the priority of the running program without having to go through the task manager. Other options include setting window transparencies, setting a window to be Always on Top, and the ability to minimize programs to the system tray.

Note: Some features are only available on NT/2K/XP.


PowerMenu adds some new useful extensions to the window (aka system) menu of application windows.

The current extensions include:

Priority Changes the priority of the window's parent process
Transparency Changes the transparency level of the window (Windows 2K/XP only)
Always On Top Makes the window sit on top of other windows even if it doesn't have focus.
Minimize To Tray Remove the window from the task-list and places the window's on the system tray.


- Download and then unzip the archive into any directory you wish,
- Double click on PowerMenu.exe to run PowerMenu.
If you want, create a shortcut to PowerMenu and put it in your Startup folder so PowerMenu starts up automatically.


Simple delete the installation directory.  PowerMenu doesn't place files or settings anywhere else.

Download PowerMenu (49 kB)

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