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Version: 4.05
Author: Michael Eve
Release: June 4, 2002
Download file size: 22 kB
OS: Windows all



Have you ever had one of your kids tell you at 8 pm, "I need some graph paper for my homework" ?

GraphTablet prints blank graph paper using your home computer and color printer.

GraphTablet will generate rectangular, polar, semilog graph paper or even notebook (horizontal lines) paper. An intuitive interface allows control over major and minor division, pen color and width (.1 mm, .25 mm, and .5 mm), and layout. "Layout" is a feature unique to GraphTablet which reflects its orientation to homework. You can choose 1, 2, or 4 separate grids per page. Helps the teacher and student to separate one problem from another.

GraphTablet has also been used for designing needlepoint, arranging floor plans, graphic coloring paper for pre-school, etc. The most unusual use: outlining a book.

GraphTablet makes no entries in the registry file.

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