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Version: 1.9
Author: Jean-Claude Wippler
Release: December 20, 1999
Download file size: 114 kB
OS: Windows all



CatFish is a disk catalog browser. It allows you to save snapshots of the directory/file structure of your disks and to search through them at any time. The catalog files maintained by CatFish are very compact and fast, and can easily handle the huge directory trees often found on large disks, removable disks, and CD-ROMs. CatFish will calculate total subdirectory sizes, and lists the date of the newest file found inside each directory.

CatFish allows you to...

  • Save snapshots of all your disks & removable media (ZIP disks, CDROMs).
  • Quickly find files in all catalogs by name (with wildcards), size, and/or date.
  • See all total file and subdirectory counts as well as total space usage.
  • Easily view with any sort order. Export saved catalogs as text files.
  • Save any number of snapshots, for entire (network) drives or specific areas.

Other unique features of CatFish...

  • Stored catalogs are very compact - less than 10% of other similar utilities.
  • Very high speed, searching and sorting are instant, even for 1000's of files.
  • Works with huge disks, containing 1,000's of directories, 10,000's of files.
  • Refresh catalogs with one key, launch apps and docs, locate newest file.
  • Tiny distribution file and executable size, does not require any installation.

Download CatFish (114 kB)

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